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Midget Pit Kennels

We here at M.P.K. have been working with Short Back American Pit Bull Terrier's

for Three Generations. I myself have been raising

the working short back for 10 year

my father and grandmother raised some of the best game blood in the nation.

M.P.K. produce the ultimate beast.

Our dogs "will never" be 100lbs. 20 inches tall.

The dog you get from us will be short wide heavy bones large heads and very muscular.

Never so big that the dog can't even shit without breathing into a paper sack.

Our dog's give the ultimate illusion of looking 2 to 3 times their size.

We here at M.P.K. have one look and we don't have a yard full of dogs with a hit or miss program.

We developed our look through years of creation.

We hope you take the time to go through our website and let our dogs speak for themselves.

It would be our pleasure to have your business and friendship.

We will make it Our goal to give you the ultimate dog of your dreams.

Thank You

Spencer Warren and Christina Evans

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Spencer by EMAIL: or by Phone: (618) 420-6940

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